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ok its out!

Posted by CRAZY-King-JAY - February 2nd, 2008

Ok yah so maybe a few years late but its out! Stick War !


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Is it like an Age of empires kind of game?
(sent you a PM)

sweet i don't care what's in it really as long as theres effort except for one thing: if you could make it multiplayer (like making a new version of it) that would be cool

and when: within 3 months would be okay

don't go in that "graphic"-trap that many goes into.

Create a game with focus on gameplay and not so much on graphics.

Gameplay is EVERYTHING! :D

I hope you don't make it so there are 5 units and they are all the standard archer, infantry, horse infantry, horse archer, elephant (well actually, that would be pretty cool.)

Holly crap! Crazy jay! Man, I am your biggest fan of your work and your website! You are awesome!!!!!

wow wait a sec, how you make games or vedios?Or where you download the movie maker?ok.... i thing i will love the game!

Good good, the world of Flash gaming needs more in the RTS genre. I wish you luck!

is it treu that jazza beated you in his upcoming game beta?

well, thats amazing. sicks, and hoplites? quite good

yea, great movie, i hope you do it (the game)

Where the helll is Kill CRAZY JAY II?

I hope we have a decent amount of factions

I hope we have a decent amount of factions

it need to have evolution

How many factions there will be?


can i make a suggestion? itd be so cool if u could choose missions... for example ur the leader of these group of men (ur like a mercenary army) and u can choose missions that r easy like escorting, but u never know if someone tries to raid ur escort, or hard like attacking a city and depending on how hard the mission is, u get fame and the more fame u hav, the higher the chance people want to join ur army. like u could also get some form of currency to upgrade ur units to hav different armor (helmet so ur enemy has a lower chance of headshot, chest armor for basic defense, shields for blocking and defense), weapons (throwing spears, swords, bows?), and mayb u could get horses of somthing...

Hey you're that guy from stickpage duuuuuude

hey, when is it gunna be 2 plyr or online??

It's awesome!

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